~ Rocking Horse Cowboy ~ 

He sat upon his trusty steed,
Waving wildly with his hat.
He glanced in my direction.
I smiled and, then, waved back.
I asked, "Where ya goin', cowboy?
What seems to be the rush?"
He slowed his mount, a little bit,
And, then, there was a hush.

It was after some serious thinkin',
He softly replied to me,
"Some things moms don't understand.
I have cattle I must feed.

I have to get them rounded up.
I'll count them, everyone.
That's where my horse comes in.
You see, he makes my work more fun.

He knows just how to gather them
And knows just how to pen.
And, when the work is finally done,
I'll drop his reins ... he'll stand."
"Well, I won't hold you up, cowboy.
You've got lots to do.
I'll just head off to get a bite.
I'll be seein' you."

Now, hold on pardner," he replied.
"You must not go alone.
It's not safe out there,
Think I'll just follow ya home."
He dropped the reigns and followed me.
We shared some laughs and food.
As I tucked him into bed,
My cowboy softly wooed.
"I sure do love ya, mom."
"Sweet dreams, my love," I replied.
"Angels are watching you.
Ride Heaven's range 'til morning light."
Marie Williams
2003 used with permission





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