~ Sago Miners ~
2 Miles Below

It was on the radio, and it was on the news,
13 miners trapped, 2 miles underground.
Emergency crews were summoned,
Chaos and havoc, was all around.

They worked below ground for hours,
To rescue all thirteen of these men,
So they could bring them home,
Back to close family and kin.

The 1st man found did not make it,
The news for him was bad.
But there was still twelve others,
And things were looking sad.

But at last a spark of joy,
someone said they found all twelve alive,
They had spread the news,
The other 12 men had survived.

So the families, patiently waited,
for their loved ones to come from below.
The joy on all those faces,
Would set any Christmas tree a glow.

But just a few hours later,
The real tragedy began to unfold,
Eleven loved ones had died,
the families were now being told.

I cannot imagine the pain ,
these families went through..
All the hope was gone now,
That all of them had held on to.

There was only one miracle,
yes one man did survive.
But even he is fighting for life,
But yes he is still alive.

I hope someday he can tell the story,
that each family needs to know.
Only he holds the answers,
to what happened 2 miles below.

I'm a coal miner's daughter,
I am from these West Virginia hills.
Coal mining has been a living,
that helps these families to pay their bills.

My heart goes out to each and every family,
I just don't know what to say.
There are no words of comfort,
When a loved one is called away.

Twelve miners now in Heaven,
led from darkness to the light,
It's the families left behind,
That are in my prayers tonight.

May God give you the courage,
and the strength to face each day.
May He always embrace you,
In His gentle loving ways...

  Brenda D King
Dedicated to all 13 families,
Our Hearts and prayers are with You,
May God help you overcome these dark hours,
Even the survivor has a long way to go.

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 Midi "Prayer" by Yuko Ohigashi
2001 used with permission

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