~ Sara Angel Princess ~


I know a little princess
For that's what Sara means,
She has wings of gossamer
In all her angel dreams.

As her eyes close on her pillow
Her heart flies to the air,
With so much to fulfill
For her love to share.


There's a lonely Grandma lady
Living down the road,
She must have someone care
To help her lift her load.

And slouched upon the park bench
Sits a cold and ragged man,
Who will give him blankets
Unless princess Sara can.


There's a baby in the hospital
Crying all alone,
Needing angel tenderness
Until she feels at home.

All the little children on TV
That cry and scream in fear,
Should have hugs and kisses
To dry up all their tears.


How will they all be reached
Before the morning light,
Who will watch over all the sad ones
Living in the night.

Sara wakens with the dawn
Like you, to pray upon her knees,
Jesus, while I walk upon my feet today
Can you take over please.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İ 2006

Sometimes the need of crying hearts hurts so much,
and our desires and loving dreams are just never enough..
It's then we have to trust God
in all He is doing all over the world

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