~ Season of Regrowth ~

It is late into the season of regrowth
When here in the north, a warm wind now blows
The smell of fresh cut grass is caught in the breeze
As I enjoy the afternoon, in just my short sleeves

After the winter freeze, trees are bursting with green bud
Colorful flowers bloom where yesterday there was mud
Apple blossoms, surrounded by lilacs will be coming soon
Perfumes to delight one, fragrance to fill a room

Though stormy are the nights we enjoy cuddling each other
And just a little tighter, when we hear the claps of thunder
Then as the storms fade away into the night
We can dance in the water with sheer delight

Here in the north this time passes just too quick
Summer heat and humidity, next we must lick
I cherish these days short though they be
For the beautiful memory will always stay with me


Gary Salter  2005


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