~ Secret In My Garden ~

There's a secret in my garden,  
I wish for all to know,
But it's hidden where no-one sees,  
it's not for public show...
You take the winding path ,
down past the branches low,
Of the juicy mulberry,
where soft breezes blow
It's in amongst the hydrangeas
that sparkle in the dew
And floating with the pond lilies,
in soft lilac hue
Savor it in gooseberry sweet,
an apple from the tree
Watch the red poinsettia,
that stand majestically


Dig under the pebbles,
the treasure you will find,
Oh such another world,
in this underground dirt mine,

Doves coo the gentle song ,
parrots squawk it cheekily,
Budgie twitters in his cage, 
the  bantam cackles hungrily

It splashes brightly
in the liquid amber blaze,
Like an artists' palette,
in the balmy autumn days. 

Meander over the wooden bridge,
pause to feel...... it's there,
Soft as a kittys' fur,
all receive their share.

Rest upon the garden bench,
turn your face toward the sky,
Feel the sun warm on your cheek,
watch fluffy clouds race by,

The wind blows softly swirling,
whispers the secret in your ear,
 The branches wave just like a friend...
in the stillness ...  you will hear

The secret in my garden
God shares it soft and low,
Deep down inside your  heart,
Surely now ... you know?

 You Are Loved

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2002 used with permission


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