~ Secret Things ~

A little hand reached out to care
Who saw the tenderness
Someone paused to offer kindness
A lonely heart to bless

The gift seemed to go unnoticed
No whisper there of recognition
In the news, no accolade was written
Or trophies ever given

Day after day, behind the scenes
Sweetness will never cease to overflow
Given from sacrificial hearts
And no-one ever knows

There is no anthem sung
No wreathe is placed upon the gentle brow
No bouquet for their dedication
All is overlooked, for now

But time will tell a different story
When hearts, once thought so very small
Will be rejoicing, overwhelmed
By all that is in store

For God sees all that is now a secret
He notes, unnoticed things
What we think has been forgotten now
A great reward will bring

Ah yes, the quiet precious ones
The folk as yet unseen
Will one day rule the realms of heaven
For that's already how they've been.

Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005

Be free... simple, a child. But be a sturdy child, who fears
nothing, who speaks out frankly, who lets himself be led, who
is carried in the arms; in a word, one who knows nothing,
can do nothing, can anticipate and change nothing,
but who has a freedom and a strength forbidden to the great.
This childhood baffles the wise, and God Himself
speaks by the mouth of such beautiful children.
~ François Fénelon ~

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