~ Serenity ~

I slip into the garden
'n let my thoughts run free
escape the pain, the heartache
while kissed by summer breeze

Pansies rise to greet me
with faces all aglow
squirrels chitter chatter
as if to say hello

My troubles seem to vacate
for just a little while
memories past and present
revisit with a smile

The evergreens stand watching
birds nestled in their arms
it's here I find serenity
embraced with nature's charms

Tiny toads play leapfrog
bees hum a lullaby
chipmunks frolic carefree
right before my eyes

My shoes kicked off, I ballet
let green grass tickle feet
like a child on tippy-toes
seeking other treats

Giggles find the surface
escaping from my throat
happy thoughts of yesteryear
keeping me afloat

Caught up in the moment
enjoying nature's song
a little girl in pigtails
skipping right along

The air is calm and peaceful
butterflies flitter past
I wish this very moment
would forever last

But nothing lasts forever
storms darken brightest skies
our 'morrow's fill with raindrops
and we question, WHY?

'Tho rain will birth new flowers
give nourishment, revive
'oft times causes sadness
stirs deep pain inside

Releasing a sigh 'n teardrop
as sun lifts and fades away
I gather real emotions
and go about my day


Midi Margi Harrell

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