~ Grandma's Sew Loving ~

My Grandma has a special dream
A precious dream of love
To stitch into the thread of life
All that should be spun

Come morning, her dear hands uncover
The sweet treddly of her heart
To pump away with all her might
For all she may impart

Her spin in life is stitching up
The best attire for us to wear
Lovely hearts all trimmed with sparkles
Designed with all her care

She knows just when to button up
Or darn each rip and tear
Bobbin' in or zipping round
Each rend that needs repair

Her machine is in good working order
God's Spirit oils it every day
Patterned on the instruction manual
To sew the straightest way

She hems it all with lots of prayer
That is her quilting skill
Whatever seams to be unraveled
She'll patch it, yes I know she will

I thank God for you,
Dear Grandmother
You are sew special

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

We all needle li'l love


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midi..Pua Lilia K. Nishimura
Kauai Style 1996


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