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Midst Winter's cold, cold snows
within my heart a dream glows
and as the snow melts and goes
my dream flourishes and grows

To lie beside a summer's stream
and dream a dreamer's dream ...
Soft winds play a melodious rift
and my dreams begin to drift ...

Here in my dreamer's gaze
we share many lover's days
In my dreamer's moment of time
only on passion do we dine

Listen to the whispers of the wind
Hear love's message I send
My spirit calls, come to me
Share our love's destiny

I wonder how did this attraction start
stirring the desires of my heart
Your spirit has ignited new fires
filling my heart with passionate desires

I dream of your soul's kiss
touching my lips with ecstasy's bliss
To feel your body next to mine
our heart's love beating in time

To feel your body's warmth within
together our soul's spirits blend
As my body bends to your will
passions so fiery, time stands still

What does your spirit's heart deem ...
Come, share my dreamer's dream
Know love from this heart of mine
Together a love to share for all time

Please hear my heart's plea
come share dreams with me
Our love to always be ...
Forever soaring free ...

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission


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