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~ He'll Share His Wealth With You ~

I am a very wealthy one
Been bought and paid for by God's son.

Been made an heir to wealth unknown
My mansion sits near heaven's throne.

The King himself is my Father so great
He has the key to heavens gate.

He sends an invitation to all who will come
Let Him make them an heir with His own son.

There's Mansions enough and some to spare
For the souls that dare to come and share.

It is a place of splendor so rare
No sin will ever enter there.

There will be peace and joy for evermore
Just share the wealth on heaven's shore.

This world is soon to pass away
Will you be ready for that final day?

There is only one way you'll make it there
Come now, while He invites you to share!

Then when the final trumpet sounds
Our feet will be lifted off the ground.

We'll sail away to heaven's wealth
The greatest treasure, Is JESUS Himself

Betty Hill 2005



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