Talking and Sharing Through Verse
written by Chee &

I can tell you what you mean to me,
In rhythm and in rhyme.
It might take me awhile,
Do you have the time?

My Friend, I'll always have time for you,
You can tell me anything you want to.
My ear is a doorway, to a private place,
Where you'll find Love and a friendly face.

So take all the time you need to take,
Friendship is like a cake waiting to bake.
All the ingredients do take some time,
And Love lives inside every rhyme.

What a friend I have found
The computer barrier we have crossed
Even though we haven't met face to face
This friendship will not be lost.

It will be cultivated and it will grow
It will blossom like God's many flowers
A bond the Good Lord has created
Through his love, guidance, and power.

This friendship was meant to be
He put the wheels in motion
You are a shining star my friend
My words can't express my emotion.

You're as lucky as lucky can be,
Just like I am lucky you see.
Two people from different states,
Oh, but how our lives relate.

God knew the things we go through,
And he knew that I could be of help to you.
He also knew you'd be of help to me,
And that is how He wants it to be.

Friends who need each other everyday,
And through technology you came my way.
Brought together by God's divine Love,
Our Master and Father who reigns above.

You are a blessing in disguise
An earth angel without wings
An invisible halo tops your head
You really make my heart sing.

You walk this earth offering help
Your heart you do extend
So much love you give to everyone
My friend you are a Godsend.

You are very special to me
You're as sweet as can be
I thank the Lord everyday
For sending you to me.

You put the Friend in Friendship, is all I can say,
You put the heart in Love that we share each day.
You are my moonbeam on a warm summer's night,
You are that precious Angel, whose wings I hear take flight.

Friends like you are very few, and so far between,
When it comes to friends, you top the shelf as Queen.
You put your thoughts in writing for all the world to see,
Finding a Friend like you, how lucky can one be ?

I thank you for that Love, you share with other's everyday,
How thankful I am, that life brought you by my way.
You are far more than a treasure, more precious than a gem,
And I owe it all to the Master, it's all because of Him..

I truly think He broke the mold making someone like you,
I know He is watching all the thoughtful things you do.
His Smile lights up the heavens as far as we can see,
Because of all the happiness you have given someone like me.

~To Be Continued~

Chee Chee Martin & Brenda King 2005


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