Talking and Sharing Through Verse
written by Bren &

Hello my Friend, how are you today?
I just thought I'd stop by to say,
I'm thinking of you, and wanted you to know,
So until later, for now I'll let you go.

Right now I seem to be doing fine,
Let's see if I can make this rhyme.
I seem to have lost track of time,
But thanks for asking, you are so kind!! :-)

Well I hope you know, I truly care,
In troubled times, I wish I were there.
I have a hug on hold for you,
But for now, e-mail will have to do.

A hug I could use right about now,
Can I have a big one anyhow?
Life for me seems to have run afoul,
I could sure use that hug right about now!!!

Just one hug, are you sure that will do?
I know you need more than one, how about two?
I know life is rough, but God sends comfort in many ways,
To smooth out the bumps and brighten our days.

So I'm here for you, and will always be,
Just send an e-mail if you really need me.
If that won't do, just pick up the phone,
You don't have to go through life's troubles, all alone.

I'll take more than one, yessiree,
I'll take as many as you'll give me.
These last couple of days have been rough you see,
Is there a charge or are they free?

You've filled my heart with so much glee,
I'm dancing around, foot-loose and fancy-free.
You've opened up my eyes and allowed me to see,
That we have a friendship that will forever be! :-)

Of course they're free, there's no charge for Love,
After all, Love came freely from Heaven above.
Hugs are more than just people who embrace,
It's the Love while hugging, you see upon their face.

You see warmth and happiness and faces aglow,
All this comes from a Hug you know.
Just one little hug or maybe even two,
Changes a person's sky from gray to blue.

Love is in the eye of the beholder,
And beauty is only skin deep.
But your beauty radiates from every pore,
Your friendship I vow to keep.

Hugs are warm and comforting,
And so few are given nowadays.
But you so willingly open your arms,
And embrace the world with your loving ways.

Thank You for the kindness,
that I know comes straight from the heart.
You are such a loving Friend,
I too pray, this Friendship, will never part.

As long as you are holding on,
Then I will hold on too.
You are such a treasure,
I found a Friend, the day I found you.

You are worth far more than silver,
and worth far more than gold.
I hope we continue this friendship,
As each day that we grow old.

Friendship is such a generic word,
The word "sister" comes more to mind.
You do things only a sister would do,
You're so loving, caring, and kind.

God saw fit to put us on the same path,
We were created from the same mold.
That's why we're sisters and sisters we'll be,
A part of you, in my heart, I will hold.

As time marches on and we grow old,
We'll still be sisters in our hearts.
Together hand in hand down that path,
Vowing never will we part.

~To Be Continued~

Brenda King & Chee Chee Martin   2006


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