~ Ship of Dreams ~

Held against blue bosom
Crescent lamp, creamy-white
First star and all its cousins
Adorn a dreamy night

Moonshine in the harbor
Reflecting off the sea
Starlight in an arbor
Of all eternity

On the deck, I lie there
Just staring at the sky
Growing sleepy -- no fair
Ocean sings a lullaby

Dreams, they come unbidden
Boat rocking to and fro
Wanderlust, forbidden
Although I want to go

Due north, my heart's compass
Aligned, now, with the stars
I linger for just one kiss
From Venus, not from Mars

My boat is called 'His Own'
It fits, too, for it seems
But for God, I sail alone
Adrift in sea of dreams

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008 ©

Dream delightful, as you are
heaven in your heart



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