Shoe Box Full Of Love

A collection of love letters
Brittle and yellowed by time
Resting in a shoe box
Old memories now confined.

Love words that were once spoken
Have been written in hopes to last
Withstanding all these many years
Bits and pieces from my past.

Old beau's I had forgotten
Their faces I try to recall
Stirring up dormant emotions
Wondering why I saved them all.

Waltzing in and out of my life
At different times and seasons
Each giving a piece of their heart
Loving me for all the right reasons.

Ribbons keep these memories bound
Until loosened, they can't escape
I know I shouldn't revisit my past
It's my future I need to shape.

But this shoe box is so full of love
I keep it hidden from view
Periodically I read each letter again
Reliving the loves I once knew.

Chee Chee Martin 2006





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