~ To Silence My Pen ~

If I lay my pen in silence
And there are not poems to write
The stars will have fallen from the sky
There will be no more moonlight

The world will have ceased its turning
Without another day or night
No birds then will be singing
Natures' beauty all out of sight

If my friends were all gone
To a dimension where I can't see
If all the things the poet writes about
Did ever cease to be

No babe in the arms of a mother
And the oceans all run dry
The beauty of the sky then gone
With no white clouds passing by

Then I'd let my pen lay silent
Not another poem I'd write
All the things of inspiration
Would be gone and out of sight

If I was never awakened suddenly
From a sound sleep in the night
With an inspiration right from God
I would never be able to write

But the world will keep on turning
And all the beauty contained therein
So I will keep on writing poetry
I will never silence my pen

Yolanda Cohen 2005

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Midi used with permission
submitted by Crafty Soul

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