~ Singing The Blues ~

Meeting at the corner
secretly in love
me and you together
fit like hand in glove

Frappes to tease the taste buds
sipping from same straw
goo goo eyes and laughter
neither had a flaw

Waltzing close, then closer
heartbeats keeping time
kisses sweet as candy
our happiness did shine

You loved me in the summer
and again each fall
we cuddled in the winter
in springtime had a ball

My wiggle, smooth and sensual
each step set you aglow
eyes had a gleam, a twinkle
hips swayed to and fro

You said you'd always love me
I'd be your special rose
that we'd grow old together
still curl each other's toes


Age has paid a visit
no charm beneath my skirt
my sea of love has withered
is older now then dirt

Cryin' in my tea, feelin' sorry
deep-ends on bathroom floor
singing the blues to squirrels
they scurry from my door

Waltzing with my walker
teeth frowning on the shelf
hair now gray and thinning
all parts be heading south

My wiggle now a wobble
Ben Gay my only friend
'cept for Arthur-itis
who calls me now and then

Attire of moo moo dresses
knee highs fallin' down
ortho shoes for travel
belching into town

Toenails sharp as daggers
skin smooth as rocky road
everything jiggles and juggles
my butt in overload

Boobs restin' on my belly
or on the dinner tray
lunchtime's such a hassle
they're always in the way

The bedroom makes no music
'cept for moans and groans
'n constipation lingers
while setting on the throne

But still I walked beside you
'n loved your toothless grin
my knight in shining armor
'tho head of hair real thin

Ya said you'd always love me
I took you for your word
somehow you've lost yer interest
so I kicked ya to the curb

Now I sit here wond'rin
still cryin' in my tea
with darts spread on the table
where can your picture be?

Rose Marie Streeter 2006


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