~ Smugglers Treasure ~

While drifting along the shore one night,
I find a river flowing to the sea,
I reach up
to pull aside the shady branches,
Stunned.... I stare
What can this be?
I've stumbled across this hidden world,
I pause...I take it in,
A secret place.
Calling, come on, come on explore.
Should I go back.
Return, to what I know is sure.
But... I wonder.... what is discovery for.

I look again into the darkness.
What there do I find.
A pathway... going somewhere.
I think I need a guide.
Does it go up? Does it descend?
Dare I step inside.
I look ahead.... then I look back,
To what I've known outside.
I glance and turn away,
there's more I have to know,
About this secret place of treasure.
Not sure I want to go....
Not to that place
With my mind, where people go away
Far away, to unknown scary space.
That dark journey into night, what then.
Do I have to go below.
But what if it leads up,
This is where I'd like to go.

My Papa told me, do not fear,
The journey will be one of love,
Joy is for you to know,
As you go the way above.
Be careful, don't get tangled
in the roots that may ensnare,
Keep your eyes lifted high
For goodness you can share.

So, I take a faltering step
wary of unknown,
And as I journey there,
I see the pathway leading up
Eager my heart beats.
The way is mossy, narrow, damp,
One slip and I would fall.
But up ahead I see a light,
I hear a gentle call.
Enticing me onward
To where the light is bright.

This way, I see an open door in sight
Jesus opened wide, by destroying
Death that held us tight.
By holding on at Calvary
He won for us the fight.......
The enemy cowered then in fear,
He couldn't bear the light..
The light God gifted to us,
Set us ever free, so we would never be,
Lost for all eternity.

So I do not fear the shadows,
though the pathway may seem dark,
For it's but a smugglers secret passage....
to the treasure....

God's ever loving heart.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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