~ Soldiers of Misfortune ~

Our Soldiers of Misfortune, will spend this year
Far away from home, and those they hold so dear
Abed in their tents, love letters to send
With burdened hearts, wondering when this will all end

Thinking of loved ones, and small ones left behind
To be home for Christmas, is what's on their mind
Gathering round the home front, is their hearts desire
But freedom comes first, so there they sit, in the mire

Cold & lonely, but with warm thoughts of home
Wondering when they get back, will their children be grown?
Will their wives, or husbands, be able to cope,
Or will they give up, and lose all hope?

Just a flicker of you Lord, is what they need today
Something to cling to, when burdened, or afraid
Protection from harm while they carry this weight
And a homecoming soon, giving a break from the hate

Arms around them, to feel when forlorn
Loved ones near, keeping them from the storm
Our Soldiers of Misfortune can cope for awhile
But soon time wears on them, and steals their smile

Lord, bring our Soldiers of Misfortune, back to their land
Give them all the love, they deserve, if you can
Keep them comforted, upright, proud, and strong
Remember them on Christmas Day, Give them a new song

Bring our Soldiers of Misfortune, back to families so dear
Where their hopes, and their dreams will no more, disappear
Give them that comfort, for each sacrifice
For they know this journey, has come with a price

Debbie Looney 2005

Midi found at Cosmos

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2005