Songbirds are outside my door
They are singing just for me
Birds of all different colors
Are beautiful to see

Songbirds come from heaven
To meet me at my door
I love to hear them sing
I wish for more and more

Songbirds all around the flowers
Hummingbirds to catch the dew
Little butterflies flying
In the sky so blue

Songbirds are singing in the air
Bumble bees are buzzing
Making flowers everywhere
I am so happy to hear the songbirds sing
They are part of God's beauty
Enhancing everything

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do You Remember Me
The People's Poet

My Singing Bird
I have seen the lark soar high
at morn heard it's song up in the blue
I have heard the blackbird pipe it's notes,
the thrush and the linnet too
But there's none of them can sing so sweet,
my singing bird as you

If I could lure my singing bird from it's own cosy nest
If I could catch my singing bird
I would warm it on my breast
Oh I will climb a high, high tree
and I'll rob a wild bird's nest
And I'll bring back my singing bird
to the arms that I love best
~ Frank Lennon ~


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