My Son Lives In Paradise

I had a little boy
God gave him to me
I held him so close
Forever to see

For how blessed I am that Jesus chose me
To bear Him a child, His heaven to see
No more shall he suffer, no years shall he grieve
Jesus took him to live where he truly should be

My son is of heaven, no more to fit here
There's nothing of earth that he could hold dear
Except those he loves and soon we'll be there
To be with him always that new life to share

My son is in paradise and aren't I so blessed
To know he is safe, my heart is at rest
He is not left behind, to suffer so deep
To watch us all die, in heartbreak to weep

I love him so much, I'm glad he was swept
Up into glory, forevermore kept
Jesus will hold me, His love is so sure
My son is set free, from being my all

I hold precious memory to keep in my heart
My son lives in me, we never can part
For I know all we shared, was such perfect love
Though now out of sight, we'll always be one

I have a secret smile
My son's joy guaranteed
And my God gave him to me
Forever to keep


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Your greatest pleasure is that which
rebounds from a heart that you have
made forever glad
~Henry Ward Beecher~

Poser Art by Marsha
Midi at Heavenly Midis

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