Artwork by Beverley Lu Steeves

~ Soul Mate ~

What would I do without one?
What would I be, alone?
God gave to me a beauty
And since, our love has grown

I can't imagine me, without you
To try, would be unreal
You've made me see the sunlight
You've taught me how to feel

The half of me that matters
Is the part that you've placed there
Before you, there was nothing
For you've taught me how to care


To think of my life without you
Would be nothing I long for,
For you've filled my soul with gladness
Since US, I've never wanted more

You are my blessed Soul mate
Set in the deepest part of me
Where before, things did lie hidden
A place not anyone could see

For God has blessed this union
Since the day we said "I Do"
A family built on faith, and hope
When He led my soul to you.


Debbie Looney 2005


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