~ Special Friends ~
by Bren & Chee
1st verse by Bren, next &
every other verse by Chee

Hello, Dear Friend, how are you,
I know it's been awhile.
I haven't heard from you and,
I'm in much need of a smile.

Well smiles happen to be my speciality
I'm sending some your way
No frowns for you my dear friend
I'm here to brighten your day!

I'm so glad you're willing to help me,
I know that's what Friends are for
But some friends only give a little
While some special friends give more.

Well you're special to me dear one
You have a heart made of gold
I'm sure when God created you
Afterwards, he broke the mold.

Oh thank you special friend of mine,
You brighten each new day.
With all the love and happiness,
That you send my way.

I feel the same way too my friend
You're such a blessing, can't you see
I thank the Lord everyday
For sending you to me.

My heart was heavy laden,
My troubles were more than a few.
But it seems my burdens have lifted,
And it's all because of you.

Awwww, you give me too much credit
But, I am glad to be here for you
If I can brighten your day
Then I'm happy too!

How can I ever thank you,
For being right there for me.
You are truly a angel,
And to me, you'll always be.

No need to thank me sweetie
That's what friends are for
I'll do all that I can
That, and even more!


Brenda King and Chee Chee Martin

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