~ The Spirit Of Christmas ~

You say you canít get find
ďThe Spirit of ChristmasĒ...What IS
ďThe Spirit of ChristmasĒ?

Is it lights and the tinsel, the tree and the snow,
the shopping for presents for all that we know?
The songs and the singing that bring us all cheer,
the sending of greetings, the end of a year?

Is it wrapping and baking, hanging stockings with care,
Is it Santa Claus coming with all his reindeer?
It is all of those things, but only in part,
itís the love of our Savior that grows in our heart.

Itís the sorrow we feel when a small child is crying,
itís the love that we share without even trying.
Itís the light in our heart that captures our soul,
itís the caring and sharing that helps us feel whole.

So look to the Heavens when your spirit feels weak,
kneel softly in prayer and soon you will see,
Youíve been carrying Christmas for all of this time,
Ďcause Christmas, dear friend,



 Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2005
Reflections From The Heart


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