~ Spring ~

Look at the flowers popping through the ground,
If you listen real close you can hear the popping sound.
Here those birds a chirping, such a sweet melody,
God's way of saying Hello to you and me.

Wake up Sleepy Heads, Spring is in the air,
Pretty things growing for you everywhere.
Smell that natural aroma, nothing bottled about that,
Oops, was that a breeze that blew off that young man's hat?

The park is really crowded, the children having fun,
Enjoying themselves as through the grass they run.
Look yonder on a leash, a lady brought her dog out for a walk,
And look at those strangers sitting down on a park bench to talk.

It's amazing how Spring works her magic on you,
Beautiful colors truly come alive, yes, indeed they do.
Spring is the most magical time of the year,
And I am so glad that Spring is finally here.

It's not too hot and it's not too cold,
Spring is a time for the young and the old.
No heat wave yet to remind me it's summer,
Because temps past 90 are really a bummer.

Happy Spring my Friends, God Bless You too,
I hope God unfolds much happiness for you.
Don't forget the picnics, you know, cooking out,
Spending time with loved ones is what Spring is all about !!
Happy Spring to you, straight from me !!


Brenda D King 2005


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