~Like A Spring Flower Garden~

Love is like a Spring flower garden
That must be tended with care
So that it will thrive as it should
And not fail from neglect of repair

Love has to be planted there
Within the hearts of two
Then if the couple desires it to grow
There are ways for them this to do

The love, as flowers, should be treated gently
For very tender are they
Always needing a loving touch
For them to endure and stay

Roots of the plants will get crowded
If weeds are allowed to stay
Like cares of this life can hinder love
If we allow them to, along this way

So just as the Spring flowers grow
From the kiss of the morning dew
Our love will grow also
With tender touches from me and you

We will always think of loves fragility
As along our path we go
And know the two of us have the ability
To nurture our love and help it to grow


Ethel GG Kent 2005
Ethel's Love Poetry