~ Still He Had Mercy ~

They called many false accusers
To condemn my Jesus that day
To send Him away to Calvary
Where the debt of the world He paid

That cup of bitterness He drank
Should have rightly been mine
But He reached way out in love
Then He shed His blood so divine

Sins that stained my very soul
Could now be all washed away
Because of the mercy and love
He showed to the world that day

As he took the weight of the world
Upon his shoulders that day
Even fell beneath the cross
While trudging on His way

But He never once rebelled
He finished the course and more
He really gave it all for the world
Hoping their souls to restore

He's seated On His throne
The victory having now been won
We've been given one more chance
Through the Blood, shed by God's Son.

Betty Hill 2005

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