~ Still My Friend ~

I saw her on the street,
As I quickly passed her by…
I tried to catch a glimpse,
Just to look her in the eye….

She looked to me familiar,
So sure I knew that face,
Yet something still unspoken,
Held me in my place…

She turned my way and beckoned
In a curious kind of way,
Her soft and shining hair
Fell in waves of disarray…

Her little smile seemed shy first,
Then it blossomed to a grin,
Her blue eyes so beguiling,
With freckles sprinkled in…

I stood there for a moment-
My heart thudding out its beat,
I knew this little soul here,
So innocent and sweet-

I edged a little closer,
She turned to run and hide,
But not before I knew what
Can never be denied…

The soul that I was seeing
Was the younger part of me,
Someone who was stolen-
But now could wander free

And so I stayed my distance,
But I bade her, "Journey on..."
She turned and smiled so sweetly,
And began to sing a song…

I strained to hear the words
As they carried on the wind,
I swear I heard her singing…

You're still my "bestest" friend,
You're still my "bestest" friend!


Sharon Frye
© 2005 used with permission
Heroes of the Heart 

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