~ Story Never Ending ~

As I sit in the morning breeze
Thinking of him, his eyes so green.
He put my mind and soul at ease..
The most wonderful site I've ever seen.

He came to me with an open heart.
It was like he'd been here all this time,
Like he never left, nor did we part.
Our love had aged, like rare old wine.

He was gone for quite a while,
For a while he was a season.
He left to set things straight.
Scared of love, was his reason.
He came back to me, it's not too late.

I let him in, with open arms
We held each other. Oh! so tight.
He gave to me, all his charms.
He took me on an eagle's flight.

Our minds soaring high above the clouds
Filled with passion beyond belief.
We wondered if we'd come back down.
Being back in his arms, "what a relief."

Hoping for a story never ending.
I have him now and it's clear.
No more wishing for a heart that's mending.
I will always want him near.

Diane M. Lamphere 12/30/2005




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