~ Strawberries In Heaven ~

Itís a mild beginning to Summer;
Showers had fallen the night before,
Drenching the ground.
I watch two young children,
Ages six and four,
Pick wild strawberries they'd found,

Excitedly they ran back into the house
To show me their find;
"I don't believe God wants you to eat
The little berries because this
Is how He feeds His tiny critters,
And there are lots and lots of them,
Small ones of every kind.

The soft summer wind blows kisses,
Causing the leaves to sway;
The wind sings much like a violist
Drawing a bow across the strings
Of a beautiful instrument.
The children scamper away
To find more of their favorite things.

"Will there be strawberries in heaven?"
"I suppose there are."
I overheard her brother say,
"Then we can pick all the strawberries
We want, from Godís strawberry fields,
In heaven someday?"

Janice Bumbalough Marler © 2005


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