Sunshine I Cherish

~ The Sunshine I Cherish ~

I cherish you because
You are a special treasure
The way you lift my soul
To laugh or cry
Never asking how or why

I cherish you for all the time
You listen while I chat
The way you stay around
So we can share
Just because you care

I cherish you because you're kind
And that may sound a little glib
But I appreciate how
The life you live
Is for your love to give

I cherish that your compassionate love
Is from the heart of God
Born of a miracle within
An eternal heart to bear
The wonder that we share

I cherish you for reaching back
For to have a friend
To be a friend
Is no small task
And something we can never ask

I cherish you for more
Than words can ever tell
Or days shall e'er unfold
Just believe me as I say
I cherish you today


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

A friend leaves a pie on the kitchen table,
a vase of fresh flowers by the bed -
and a note to welcome you home..
A friend is the person you turn to
when someone else just won't do.
Pam Brown

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