~ A Talk With Satan ~

I spoke with God And He told me what to do!
Satan, it's time I had a talk with YOU!
Now, listen, Satan, it's high time
We got straight what's yours and mine!

As for me, so very long ago you lost!
The day my King died upon that cross!
That's the very day you HE beat.
Come on, old boy, admit defeat!

Now, as for my dear family,
You can't have them, if it's left up to me!
I know, it's all up to them to choose;
But I'll fight for them, Satan, until you lose!

And about my dear friends that I so love;
Satan, YOU know whom I'm speaking of;
I'll fight for them 'til my very last breath,
As my Redeemer did, unto my death!

I'll stick beside them, Satan, EVERY ONE!
On my knees praying unto my Father's Son,
That He will move within them to do
All the Holy Things He's called them to!

And then, ole boy, I'm sure you'll see
What soldiers of Christ that we can be!
We'll go out and fight you, and WIN!
A victory over you and all your sin!

As for the rest of the world, well, Satan, you'll see
What a mighty adversary you have met in me!
For not one of them, no matter how great or small,
Deserves to follow YOU, deserves unto your hell to fall!

Well, Satan, I'm so glad we had this little talk.
Now you know where I stand, how I Walk my Walk!
Guess to you, old man, there's not much more to say!
Goodbye, thanks for the talk. I've got to go back to pray!


Lynn King 2006



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