~ Teeter-Totter ~

Just like my childhood teeter-totter,
Life has its ups and downs.
Whether soaring upward to the skies,
Or spiraling to the ground.

If it weren't for heights of splendor,
We'd not know a joyous zeal.
Yet in the times of lower valleys,
Our faith is there revealed.

Today may be a mountain peak,
Tomorrow, sinking low.
Remember that you're not alone,
It takes two to make it go.

With two there is a balance,
Friends help to share the load.
Sometimes they may carry more,
Down life's distant road.

Some day you may be called upon,
To comfort, cheer or pray.
Since you've lived the ups and downs,
You'll know just what to say.

Climb on the teeter-totter,
Let your laughter now begin.
Each day will look much brighter,
When you've shared it with a friend.

 Marie Williams     
2003 used with permission


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