~ Tender Is The Love ~

Could I, if I knew you were very lonely
Send you all I am
If I pondered on you cold and hungry
Would I give you all I had

If you needed more
Would I search until I found
Enough to warm your heart and soul
To lift you when you're down

Oh, how may I have enough
To love you in your need
Shall I turn back to the Source of all
To find the more to give

Then filled, would I have the more to share
For how could I ever hold it in
Yet it is not mine to wonder why or if
For God's love will bid me how to live

He is the One to see a heart awash
Then He will swiftly fly
To fill yet how He will, He knows
Just how His love is needed, when we have a little cry

Be warm today dear heart
Be warm and hugged forever
Jesus loves you, so do I



Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

I am always going to be there to help you in any way possible,
you are my friend and that is what friends are for, to help in times of need!
~ Jenny Rhoe ~






Midi from Tam-Music

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