~ A Tender Little Heart ~

A tender little heart,
Went to Heaven on angel's wings
Her soul forever sings
Memories stay with us
Her sweet smile and gentle touch,
Her tender little heart
Mean so very much

A tender little heart
Is with Jesus today
Every horror that she faced
Now all gone away

A tender little heart
I can see upon a cloud
Such love for life
She had unfurled
To everyone around

If I call her, the wind now answers me
A breath of Heaven I can see
From a baby swept away
Such torment she faced
Yet so very brave
Jesus held her hand
He ended suffering on that day

A tender little heart
Who loved all nature's smell
She walked and played with animals
Her young soul loved so well

Let us remember this frail
And tender little heart
She may no longer speak
But she has made her mark

A tender little heart
A martyr in her own special way
Blessed and holy
She is with the angels
And there she will forever stay.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
In loving memory of
Jamie Rose Bolin
Born 1996-Died 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Let the little children come to Me
for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Matthew 19:14


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