~ With A Thankful Heart ~

With a thankful heart, Dear GOD
Humbly before YOU, I bow
Trying to find the right words, to thank YOU
For all the wonderful things for me, YOU do.

Each day All my needs
YOU lovingly provide
Help me Dear GOD, to never in anything else
Except THEE, take Pride.

So much I have enjoyed, from thy bounty
To me YOUR hand of love daily, YOU open wide
Thank YOU, for my health
It is so much more precious, than any wealth.

On this Thanksgiving Day
Hear me LORD, as this prayer to YOU I say
How great indeed My GOD, thou art
Please know, I love and thank YOU
With a very thankful heart.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2005


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Midi "Give Thanks" by Margi Harrell used with permission

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