Happy Thanksgiving!
What a beautiful time of year this is,
don't you agree?
An Indian Summer they say........hhhmmm,
that's fine by me.
If we get the bitter winter they say,
I may change my mind, we'll see,
but for now, I love these days!

Count your blessings!
Be Glad you're not
a Turkey! *grin*


November's paintbox......
Bold Brushstroke of spattered leaves.

The raining rhythm blends color and motion,
Gracing the festive air with contemplative moods
That tell of the seeds we are bound to sow.

We must plant faith to reap understanding,
seeds of trust to nurture the harvest.

The tones of this season
Invite palettes of wonder,
Partaken with humble thanks,
For with the celebration of our bounty,
Comes the stark reality
That our planting has merely begun.

Victoria's Thanksgiving Victoria's Recipes www.thanksgivingrecipe.com

Animated T is for the Trust the Pligrims had so many years ago.
Animated H is for the Harvest the settlers learned to grow.
Animated A is for America, the land in which we live.
Animated N is for Nature and beauty which she gives.
Animated K is for Kindness, gentle words, thoughtful deeds.
Animated S is for Smiles, the sunshine everyone needs.
Animated G is for Gratitude....our blessings great and small.
Animated I is for Ideas, letting wisdom grow tall.
Animated V is for Voices, singing, laughing, always caring.
Animated I is for Indians, who taught them about sharing.
Animated N is for Neighbors, across the street, over the sea.
Animated G is for Giving of myself to make a better me.

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A Special Thank You To
Judith A. Lindberg
For permission to post her
Paintbox & Thanksgiving poems!
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