~ Thanksgiving Holiday ~

Thank you Lord for all your blessings
For our food with all the dressings
Thank you for guiding our troops
In many countries many groups

We fold our hands in prayer
Bless us all in your gentle care
You’ve blessed our country with freedom
And guided our leaders with wisdom

Prayers go up for all who lost their homes
For those who had to stay and live in domes
Americans who have been displaced
We pray Lord their homes will be replaced

We trust you Lord in all your grace
In all their woes you do embrace
For all who lost their life
They have happiness in their afterlife

Let us remember “Thy will be done.”
Keep our faith another day begun
Peace to all this Thanksgiving
And in all those hearts who are giving


Joyce Ann Geyer © 2005

The righteous give without sparing.
Proverbs 21:26

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