Straight as an arrow, shot from a bow,
there has never been a bird more regal,
flying high over the lofty mountain tops,
than our majestic American Eagle.

It glides, as if it were an angel.
None, can ever begin to compare,
as it soars nobly through the sky,
to it's beauty so uniquely rare.

It is respected and fully protected.
The Native peoples of this great land,
who were here many centuries before
know this bird as mighty and grand.

It is a powerful symbol of our country.
The American eagle forever shall be,
as it was created by the Great Spirit
tradition for the brave and the free.

It flies much higher than our flag,
it's not restrained by an earth bound pole.
Flying from sea to magnificent sea,
the eagle's glory will ever have a role.

It represents freedom to me.
I pray that it will always abide.
On the wings of the eagle,
our liberty doth ride.

It still expresses our self-reliance
The eagle, still flies unconstrained.
Exalted, it still proclaims our splendor.
Forever, may it continue to reign.

It is part of the American dream,
I view it with much affection.
It still declares our independence.
With the eagle I feel an awing connection.

~ * ~

Joyful Jan   July 2009



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