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~ The Butterfly Ball ~

My friends, won't you come one and come all,
a lovelier sight you'll never see;
come to the beautiful Butterfly Ball,
where the butterflies are dancing for thee!

Waltzing to the purest of melodies, so sweet,
some swaying so near and others so far.
You'll be amazed to see such a colorful fleet,
gently fluttering, as if swinging on a star.

It's a beautiful ball, it's a cotillion!
You're invited to the elegant Butterfly Ball,
all dancing around in a lovely pavilion.
It's in the Spring and it's again, in the Fall.

Dancing on delicate wings, in a gentle breeze,
it's a fanciful vision God gives us to view!
Riding the air waves, as if on a high trapeze,
come watch them, as they dance for you.

The beautiful gift of the butterfly dance,
Is one that we too, can do.
A dance of beauty, with soft touches of romance,
a fervent dance worthy to pursue!

On wings that dance a dazzling minuet,
vibrant Monarchs of black and brightest blue;
lend their beautiful dancing, that none will forget.
The colors are all blended into such wondrous hue.

At every turn, butterflies are waltzing to and fro.
Such natural, talented aerial artist they are.
Each one displaying a totally awesome show.
Their dance and talent, the most exquisite seen by far!

Then at last, looking lovely, dancing face to face,
circling in time, in a dreamy spiraling loop.
Once again they delight us with their magnificent grace.
Dancing in precision as one, such a magical group.

You'll see them all, at the Butterfly Ball.


(c) Joyful Jan
Sept. 2009



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