~ The Love She Gave ~
by: O' Puppy

She laid her gifts, upon his bed
A pillow soft, beneath her head
Each finger firmly, locked in his
Two eyes fixated, on a kiss

A candle light, a darkened stage
Her body writes, a lovers page
While music dances, ear to ear
Romance erases, every fear

Into the night, sweet dreams unfold
With angels breath, two bodies mold
Artistic brushes, strokes of love
A masterpiece, blessed from above

Bouquets of twinkle, standing guard
Fresh honeysuckle, treats the yard
Inside the walls, are tumbling down
A king of hearts, will wear her crown

As daylight sends, its morning charms
She's fast asleep, inside his arms
The love she gave, so tenderly
Was meant for all eternity...

Ronnie Shreve
2003 used with permission


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