~ The Way Home ~

The way home won't be an easy one
For narrow is the gate that leads that way.
We couldn’t make it on our own
If we had to walk it alone.

Many times along the way ,we will stumble and fall
Because we fail to listen for His call.
But our blessed Savior will take us by the hand
And lovingly lift us up again and again
As we go forward to reach the promised land.

Never will HE leave or forsake us on our journey
For in HIM, HIS love for us, has no turning.
This HE proved long ago on a rugged cross
It is HIS will, that not one be lost.

Now because of HIM, to our Father we know the way
Nothing is earned because of any deeds that we have done
But only because of the price that was paid
By GOD'S own precious SON.

If you know not this precious Savior
Today on HIM call, He is there for one and all
There is salvation found, in no other one,
But Jesus Christ, GOD'S own Beloved Son.

Elizabeth Biggs ©2005

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