~ They Wait ~

On the shores of America
I kissed my bride
The one I had chosen
To be at my side

Then as quick as a wink
I was whisked away
Praying I'd be back soon
From that land one day

Now the time has been
Much too long
I'm so home sick to be
In our quaint little home

She's so alone, just as I
We both exchange mail
With tears in our eyes
I am American, I must not fail

But when I see the need
All around me here
Children homeless and hungry
It helps dry my tears

You see I have a dream
And one day it will be
I will come home
My sweet wife I'll see

We have the freedom
To have our own home
In a land of plenty
No one's alone

We can be neighbors
Loving and kind
Helping each other
Their way to find

Tho' I have been gone now
For o' so long
Just the thought of my dear one
Keeps me going on

She will be waiting
With arms open for me
We both believe, in the same
Wonderful dream, you see!

Betty Hill 2006



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