~  Through A Child's Eye ~

I watch out the window
As my little girl plays
Wonder who she's talking to
And what she has to say.

She runs and jumps around the yard
And dances to imaginary tunes
Stops and looks up to the sky
And then pretends to swoon.

Her eyes catch a glimpse
Of a butterfly in flight
She flaps her little arms
And resembles a little sprite.

She giggles as she leaps to and fro
Doing somersaults here and there
Marveling at every blade of grass
Pointing her finger everywhere.

I call her in to have some lunch
And listen to what she says
Excitedly describing everything
What she encountered while at play.

Her eyes are as big as saucers
As she gulps her food on down
Eager to get back outside
Where she can pretend to be a clown.

Rushing out the door again
Hopping and jumping as she goes
Running to the flower bed
Stopping to smell a rose.

She kisses each and every petal
I wonder what her eyes see
She plucks a rose from the bush
And runs to give it to me.

Such wonderment she sees everyday
Nothing escapes her eye
She chases a little squirrel around
As it climbs a tree nearby.

She carries on a conversation
With her imaginary friend
Sharing all her little secrets
While I smile and watch her pretend.

Every day is new to her
There's so much for her to explore
I wonder what goes through her mind
As she frolics and plays outdoors.

This time in her life is oh so precious
Soon she will be grown
Look at the world through your child's eye
'Cause soon she will leave home.

Chee Chee Martin 2006


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