~ Through Heaven's Gate ~

As I went through heaven's gate
By Jesus forgiveness of my sin
In my heart I felt His love
Enfolding me within

As I went with an angel
He took me to a room
He showed me my life alone
From it's beginning
Until, the day I knelt
At Jesus loving throne

I wondered what The Lord would say
As I looked at Him, afraid
He held His arms out to me
Love for me filled up the day

I said, Jesus how can you love me
The way my life was made
How can you see me
In all the choices on my way

Jesus looked at me and said
You are My Dearest Child
I made you just from clay
I have always been standing with you
In sickness and in health
When you needed comfort
I kissed you on the cheek
When you needed My help
I gave you relief

Remember I am your loving Father
I free you of every sin
Heaven is a special place prepared for you
Where purest love comes in

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Let your only evaluation of worth
be from the awareness of God's love for you.

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