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I Had A Ride Through The Forest
I had a ride through the forest
What beauty there to see
All the wild life coming close 
In the trees tall as can be
I loved the scenery
The bears, the deer and fish
Such things in my life
I never usually see.
I had a ride through the forest
I rode a boat along the way
On the river I saw
 Nature's wonderful display
The beaver and the crocodile
Creatures of all kinds
The birds, the swan and butterfly
God made these living creatures
The pleasure to be mine
I had a friend come with me
To show me of "God's Art"
For it is He who made the world
With loving animals to be a part
All things are so beautiful
If you see them with your heart
My friend showed me
How true love in me can start.
 Linda Ann Henry
Written with love for my angel sister Babbs.
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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