~ Thanksgiving Love For My Sweetheart ~

This Thanksgiving, Sweetheart
Let me hold you close
Let me laugh and cry with you...
For, of all I know
I love you the most

Thanksgiving love to my sweetheart
Is all I have waited for
A tender kiss, a loving hello
You, to me are more

I want to play some music
So we can dance after the day is done
I want to waltz with you
In the twilight, where life has just begun

Thanksgiving love to my sweetheart
As the sun goes behind the moon
I see the twinkle of the starlight
Blowing my hair in the breeze
I watch your eyes glowing
And I know they are just for me

So on this Thanksgiving Day, Sweetheart
Let us Thank God in His own time
For He has blessed us with His love...
I am happy now because I know
You are mine.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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