~ Time Changes Things #11 ~

Well time just changed again on me
So hard to keep up the pace
I decided to take the tree down
Put things back in their place

I got the box for the trimmings out
Took the topper off the tree
Then reached into the branches
then somebody slapped me?

It so'ra seemed, I shook a bit
Before I hit that wall
No one in the room but me??
I don't think I had a fall??

It left me somewhat dazed
But I continued to do my task
I didn't understand ???
And there was no one there to ask

Well I pushed it out of my mind
Took the tinsel down
Then had to untangle things a bit
where the cord was wrapped around

I thought I heard a sizzle
A little frying sound
But I kept an eye out
There's still no one around

So now, for those shiny bright bulbs
That were scattered thru the tree
Each time I reached for one
The tree just sort of bit me?

My box was getting full
With trimmings left to remove
Wondered if I'd make it
But thought, I had nothing to lose

Then I came to the little toy train
It was made of iron
stepped closer to the tree
In order to extend my arm

Had to reach way to the back
and couldn't see that wire
It was barely attached together
Now that's what started the fire

I managed to dial 911
As a ball of stress I was
They were there in a wink
but I looked like Santa Claus

Fresh from down the chimney
I was all covered with soot
Standing there in the room
Proclaiming "I swear" I didn't do it

The room was now a mess
Smoke filled every crack
I just stood and cried
The fireman patted my back

He said you have a seat
We'll clean it up in a flash
But they took my pretty things
and dumped them in the trash

Then they left me there by myself
With nothing but my thoughts
Wondering "what just happened?"
Can someone tell me? "I forgot"

Betty Hill & Yolanda Cohen 2005


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