~Time Changes Things # 12 ~

Time has changed in my weary life
It really has taken out all the fight
To get things done in a proper way
I don't even bother, just leave work lay!

I sit alone in my overstuffed chair
It's just over stuffed 'cause I'm sitting there
Since I lost my energy and walking power
I keep getting fatter by the hour

I tell you folks it ain't any fun
If a mouse were to show up I'd not even run
There was a day, that'd scared me enough
To make me jump on the table get real 'tuff

I'd have taken the broom ,that was always close by,
that mouse would be off to his home in the sky
But I ain't got the strength to even care
If an old mouse were to share my chair!

Got no more friends stopping in to see
How fat I am and stare and tease
But that ain't all bad when I stop to think
There's no one left of our crowd but me

They got to the finish line before I did
Now here alone, I can stay hid
So I keep friendly with calories, and soda pop
When it comes to snacks I can't seem to stop

Those bad little fella's now are my best friend
I eat 'til I'm full then start again!
They all are so wonderful to my taste
And I never was one to tolerate waste

Now it seems like my time is running out
But You won't see me, set here and pout
'cause my life's been a good one, lots of fun
And I'll keep smiling 'til it's completely done

Ain't waiting on death to swallow me
I'm just being lazy like I'm spost' to be
You better watch out, not talk unkind
'Cause you're on the same road, just a little behind!





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