~ Time On My Hands ~

There are so many things to do
and so little time to do them.
The clock is relentless,
hands spinning Ďround,
seeming to move swifter
with each passing second.
If I could recapture all Iíve let escape
I would have a lifetime.

Day and nights of nothingness
Or were they?
and those in the dark,
shared and secret,
some coming true,
but mostly,
just dreams.

Thoughts and bright ideas
Racing through my mind.
Things I knew I should do,
but put off until tomorrow
or forever.

Love and feelings wasted
(but, that canít be)
Love or a feeling canít go to waste.
Only never known or shown.

The people Iíve met,
The few I really knew,
Some learned from,
Some taught.
All of those
Iíve never met
and never will.
Who were they?
Iíll never know.

The countless times
I have seen
the moon and stars,
the blazing sun
in a blue cloudless sky
and rainy days.
The times I didnít look
or even
draw back the curtain
to reveal
the wonder and beauty
of the world.

The smiles and laughter
at times to be polite
but usually genuine.
The pain and tears
that are always
too genuine.

The time on my hands
I so boldly brush away,
knowing full well
that this might be
my very last day.


Del "Abe" Jones © 2005



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