~ Time to Celebrate ~

The days are getting longer,
The nights are drawing in,
But, how to Celebrate the New Year, without a glass of Gin?
Perhaps a glass of Vodka?
Or a Whisky, very old?
Or just a pint of something strong to drive away the cold?

We see those all around us,
Who celebrate in 'Style',
Their faces glow with alcohol, and an artificial smile.
The reason they're so happy,
Is very clear to me,
But it's all gone by morning, straight down the lavat'ry!

What would be worth rejoicing,
( Without a glass of beer )
Is Salvation brought by Christ, my Lord, who paid a price so dear.
This redemption keeps me happy,
More joy than I can say,
And I celebrate, not ONCE a year, but every single day!


Author Unknown
Thanks Amy, for sharing!

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